January 9, 2018

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Equal Tax Treatment for ALL Government Retirees

Who We Are

We are part of your community. We served in the military, federal, state or local government. We are retired teachers, firefighters, police, veterans and others you see daily. And when it comes to taxation, we are treated very differently.

Why it Matters

Government employees’ service should be honored - equitably. Retirement benefits should not be taxed differently based on when they retired. North Carolina should honor and welcome these retirees and encourage them to make, or keep, our state as their home. And whether you are retired from government service - or still working - this issue should matter to you.

Good Economics

For every $1 a government retiree saves in state income tax, North Carolina accrues $2.5 in economic benefits. Allowing ALL government retirees to deduct state, local or federal retirement benefits from their adjusted gross income is good policy.

New retirees would be attracted to North Carolina with no taxation of government benefits.  Most buy homes - and about 20 percent are new housing which generates jobs directly and spending.

Retirees use fewer public services.  Without their own children in school, property taxes from just two retiree households can support one school child in their community.

Most government retirees are motivated to volunteer in their communities.  Based on our recent study, volunteer activities and skill contributions were worth nearly $150 million per year to the state.

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Don't Wait for Retirement!

Are you still actively working in government service in the military, federal, state or local government? If so, chances are your hard-earned, future retirement benefits will be subject to taxation - unless you are part of the movement to change that! 

Now is the time to consider the future and join the retired individuals and other current government employees fighting for equity in NC's tax policy.

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